At Cosens MMA, students take what they learn in our online Self-Defense Fitness class and practice it in 0.5 hour to 1 hour long sessions once a week throughout the semester that they are enrolled in the course. In the first semester of the partnership this past spring, teenage students (dressed in green) were able to employ skills and knowledge in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Boxing. New this fall we will also have students participating in children groups known as little ninjas.

Safety is the number one priority at Cosens, and it is emphasized that the skills and knowledge developed is simply for a worse case scenario. In this partnership, we are not building fighters, but rather confidence and fitness through an engaging and fun atmosphere. Cosens teaches discipline, teamwork, motivation, and family. We are extremely proud to be partners with such an incredible program! If you would like to learn more about Cosens, or would like a free consultation, please check out their website!