Annual Notice of the Right to Request a Personal Curriculum (PC)

Modifying Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) requirements for Graduation with a Regular High School Diploma

The Personal Curriculum is a process to modify specific graduation credit requirements and/or content expectations based on the individual learning needs of a student. It is designed to serve students who want to accelerate or go beyond the MMC requirements and students who need to individualize learning requirements to meet the MMC requirements for high school graduation.

The parent or guardian of a student for whom a personal curriculum is sought, or the student (if age of majority) or an emancipated minor may request a personal curriculum.

Other potential requesters include a current teacher of the student who has expertise in the proposed area to be modified by the PC, or who is determined by the principal to have qualifications otherwise relevant to developing a PC, or a school counselor.

According to Section 380.1278b amended of the Revised School Code regarding the Michigan Merit Curriculum and personal curriculum, If the request for a personal curriculum is made by the pupil's parent or legal guardian or, if the pupil is at least age 18 or is an emancipated minor, by the pupil, the school district or public school academy shall develop a personal curriculum for the pupil.

A personal curriculum may be requested prior to 9 th grade for a student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), with the earliest implementation at the start of 9th grade. For students without an IEP, a request for a PC is allowable after the student has completed 9th grade. To request a Personal Curriculum, please contact your local high school.

With the passing of House Bills 4465 and 4466 in June 2014 effective April, 2015, Graduation Requirements now include the following (plus any additional local requirements):

Michigan Merit Curriculum Personal Curriculum Options


4 credits of mathematics, including: 380.1278a (1, a, i) 3 ½ credits of mathematics, including: MCL 380.1278b (5,g)
Algebra I (may be granted prior to grade 9) Algebra I (may be granted prior to grade 9)
Geometry Geometry
Algebra II or
  • Algebra II over 2 years for 2 credits
  • Algebra II over 1.5 years for 1.5 credits
  • A MDE-approved CTE program such as machining, electronics, construction, welding, engineering, computer science, renewable energy if course includes same algebra II content assessed on the state high school test
Algebra II may be modified if the student meets one or more of the following: Algebra II may be modified if the student meets one or more of the following:
  • One semester of algebra II
  • Algebra II over two years for 2 credits
  • MDE-approved CTE program or curriculum that completes the same content as algebra II benchmarks assessed on State HS Assessment
  • One semester of statistics, functions and data analysis or technical mathematics
An additional math credit (trigonometry, statistics, pre- calculus, calculus, applied math, accounting, business math, a retake of Algebra II, or financial literacy)
Students must successfully complete at least one math course during final High School year Students must successfully complete at least 1 math credit during his or her final 2 years of high school

English Language Arts (no modifications)

At least 4 credits of English Language Arts MCL 380.1278b (1, a)

Science (no modifications)

At least 3 credits of science, including: MCL 380.1278b (1, b)


Chemistry, physics, anatomy, ag science, or MDE-approved program with the same chemistry or physics content One additional science credit or MDE-approved computer science or CTE program

Social Science

At least 3 credits in Social Science, including: MCL 380.1278a (1,a,ii) At least 2 credits of social science, including ½ credit of civics MCL 380.1278b (5, h)
1 credit I United States history and geography 1 additional credit in ELA, mathematics, science, a language other than English, or a CTE program
1 credit in world history and geography
½ credit in economics
½ Credit in civics

Health and Physical Education

At least 1 credit that includes both health and physical education MCL 380.1278a (I, a, iii) May substitute an additional credit in ELA, mathematics, science, a language other than English, or a CTE program MCL 380.1278b (5, i)
OR ½ credit in health, plus ½ credit for district-approved participation in extra-curricular athletics or activities involving physical activity

Visual, Performing or Applied Arts

At least 1 credit of visual, performing, or applied arts MCL 380.1278a (1, a, iv) May substitute an additional credit in ELA, mathematics, science, a language other than English, or a CTE program MCL 380.1278b (5, j)

World Languages

Two world language credits, both in the SAME language other than English, Can be earned anytime, K-12, if grade-appropriate. MCL 380.1278a (2) (Effective class of 2016)
For Graduating Classes of 2015 through 2020 only, may partially or fully substitute 1 world language credit with a MDE-approved CTE program or by completing an additional visual or performing arts course
American Sign Language “counts” as a world language
May be an online world language course

Sub-section K – Students with Disabilities

Any modification not otherwise allowed but necessary because the pupil is a child with a disability and modification is consistent with both the students EDP and IEP MCL 380.1278b (5, k)

Sub-section L – Transfer Students

Student transfers in with at least 2 years of HS credits from an out-of-state or from nonpublic school MCL 380.1278b (5, l)
The Personal Curriculum includes as much of the subject content as practicable.
If the transfer student is enrolled for at least one full school year: Must take at least algebra I or Must take a course normally taken after algebra I
Must include at least 1 math class during final year of HS.
Must include civics course

Online Learning Requirement

A separate online course or learning experience OR integrated online experience throughout each MMC course MCL 380.1278a (1, b)