Profile of a Bangor Township Virtual School Student

A BTVS student is one who resides in the Bangor District, or is an accepted school of choice student residing in a county contiguous to Bay County. BTVS students enroll in courses that are Kindergarten through 12th grade. Parents or guardians have chosen BTVS for many different reasons, but primarily because it offers the best academic environment and program for the needs of their learner(s).

Definition of Student in Good Standing

A student in good standing is defined as a student who meets the following requirements:

Passing each of their 6 courses at all times

Maintaining Progress according the official percentage calendar

Have not been suspended in the 2019-2020 school year

Have not violated the Academic Fraud policy

Attended and completed all required State and District Assessments

Have less than 12 recorded days without logging into their virtual program

Have completed the two-way communication requirements for the count period

Have all fees associated with BTVS paid in full, including breakfast/lunch accounts