The Bangor Township School’s Transportation Department will strive to provide safe transportation to and from school and school sanctioned activities. Each driver will maintain high professional standards and positive student relationships

Bus Safety "ALWAYS"

  • “Always” remember that hands are not for hitting and feet are not for kicking or tripping.
  • “Always” listen to your driver.
  • “Always” be courteous and use proper language and gestures.
  • Talking quietly to your friends is “Always” a good practice.
  • “Always” keep the aisle clear; backpacks should be in your lap.
  • “Always” keep food and drinks in your backpack.
  • “Always” ask an adult to transport anything that is too large to fit on your lap to school.
  • “Always” help keep your bus clean by placing all trash in appropriate containers.
  • “Always” stay in your seat. Moving around the bus or putting your head, hands, or anything out the window is not safe.
  • "Always" use good manners and respectful behaviors. It is one way to keep your bus ride a safe one.

Transporting instruments or other items

State law PA 187 257.1865, section 65 (4) (C) states: “The school bus is not to be used for transporting freight, goods or merchandise other that which is carried on the laps of individual passengers.” Therefore, the following items are not to be transported on buses: Pets or other animals, including fish and insects, glass containers or other fragile items, aerosol cans, large band instruments that cannot be held on a lap, balloons, and other items that can become projectiles.

Athletic and extracurricular bus conduct

  • The rules in the student handbook, athletic code of conduct and, Bus Safety “Always” apply when riding the bus to and from athletic and extracurricular events and activities.
  • We appreciate enthusiasm. Please keep voices at acceptable levels. Shouting and yelling distracts the driver.
  • Appropriate language and respectful behavior is the only language and behavior accepted.
  • To safeguard all passengers moving around the bus and horseplay is not acceptable.
  • We appreciate a clean bus so we provide wastebaskets for your trash.
  • The rear door is only for emergency use – or as directed by the driver.
  • The coaching staff or chaperones will intercede if there is a problem on the bus.
  • You show respect for yourselves, your team, your driver, your coach, and your school when you behave appropriately on the bus, and we appreciate your help making the trip safe and enjoyable.