Welcome! The elementary experience can influence a child for many years to come. Our Student Service Coordinators are here to help create a school environment that develops and supports student learning and achievement. Student Service Coordinators support student growth in many areas including social behavior, study skills, goal setting, decision making, and developing positive attitudes and character traits.

Student Service Coordinators meet with students in many settings and are visible throughout our elementary buildings. Parents and families may refer their child by stopping by the Student Service Coordinator’s office, sending a note to school, or by contacting Mr. Putnam at 989-684-3373 Ext. 6235.


  • Individual Service: Individual service is NOT therapy. Referrals may be made by child, parent, or school staff. It entails short-term interventions, and is not intended to be therapeutic counseling. It can involve support for students experiencing a crisis. Topics that might be discussed include peer interactions, decision making, family changes, and problem solving.
  • Small Skills Groups: The Student Service Coordinator may meet with small groups of students who may have similar concerns or needs. For regularly scheduled meetings, written parental permission is required. Student Service Coordinators determine the group selection and member participation. Topics may include friendship skills, conflict resolution, responsible school behavior, study skills, and anger management.
  • Classroom Guidance: Student Service Coordinators will visit classrooms to conduct life-skill presentations on topics such as: bullying, good listening skills, cooperation, respect for others, organizing their school work, and career awareness.
  • Support for Parents: Student Service Coordinators are available for parent consultation on academic and social concerns. They assist parents by helping staff plan their child’s educational needs, providing resource materials on child growth and development, giving information and referrals to community resources, support parents in all areas related to their child’s social, emotional, and educational well-being.
  • Consultation with staff: Student Service Coordinators provide consult to staff regarding students’ social, emotional, academic, or behavioral concerns.