Jeff Albrecht , about 10 hours ago

Without cheating, can you name the four major professional sports teams in Michigan? #TuesdayTrivia #BTVS1


Jeff Albrecht , about 11 hours ago

Summer Health Tip: Stay Hydrated! #TuesdayTip #BTVS1

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Jeff Albrecht , about 12 hours ago

I'm going to do our word of the week a little differently. In the comments, write the definition of the word! Word of the week this week is cantankerous. #WordoftheWeek #BTVS1


Jeff Albrecht , 17 days ago


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Sign Up for a 2019-2020 Scheduling Meeting

Attention all BTVS students returning in the 2019-2020 school year. You can sign up for a scheduling meeting by clicking on the doodle link below. You will be able to choose classes for next...

Request More Information Here

Interested in the Bangor Township Virtual School? Complete this survey, and Mr. Albrecht will contact you regarding the 2019-2020 school year.

Schools of Choice

BTVS is open to unlimited Schools of Choice in the 2019-202 school year. You can click the following link to access the application:...

Prom Update

The 2019 BTVS prom has been rescheduled and relocated. It will now be held on Saturday the 1st of June in the BTVS gymnasium. Tickets are now $10, and you can still invite up to 3 guests. The...