Stacy DeSanto , about 17 hours ago

One of the easiest and possibly most important things to do, in my opinion, during this time is to read with your child daily (try for 20 minutes a day). Reading is a great way to bond and spend some downtime together. While reading you are working on language and literacy skills. If you do not have books at home there are some great books you can read online. Simply search in any web browser, "free online books for kids". Reading daily with your child may look different depending on the age of your child. For example, you might read to your child. You might echo read with your child (parent reads a page, child reads the same page after parent). Your child might read to you (parent assisting in good decoding strategies). You might read alongside your child with your own reading material. No matter the age of your child...don't forget to talk about the story after. Here is the rest of the daily reading calendar adapted from St. Claire Calendar: RESA. This can be partnered with your daily reading. Decoding strategies: 1. Reread and think-what makes sense? Sound the 1st part of the word. 2. Check the picture 3. Cover the ending- and find a known part. 4. Chunk the word- example-pro/tec/tion. 5. Connect-does this word remind me of another word I know? example-cloud, proud. Thinking of you all, Ms. DeSanto


Craig Pfenninger , 1 day ago

Hello West Families! Just a few ideas I wanted to share from Teachers out to everyone. There is cup stacking with videos to help students stack from home ( and a link for working on a time capsule while you are at home (file:///home/chronos/u-216d9ad0931dc573f4db18abbdc1c532a6d8b230/MyFiles/Downloads/Covid-19%20time%20capsule%20US%20version.pdf). As a district we will keep you up to date with our distance learning plan as we continue to work hard to meet your child's needs. Have a great day!


Craig Pfenninger , 11 days ago

Just a reminder that food/meals distributed on Tuesdays and Fridays at JG from 10-12 is for ALL Bangor Township students and not just those that attend John Glenn. Have a great spring break!


Craig Pfenninger , 12 days ago

West Families - These two links below have numerous sites that will continue to be updated to provide great educational resources for our students and families. These also include social and emotional resources. Enjoy! BTS: BAISD:

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