Bangor Township Virtual School is a tuition free school with hybrid learning options. We are an established online school and have been in existence for five years. We have proven results with over 100 graduates – 31 this year alone, and we have exceptional learning opportunities for students in all grades.

Our course offerings, partnership courses, and personalized learning plans makes us the top choice for online learning in the area, and our state of the art drop-in center and available tutoring until 10:00pm everyday allows us to support our students and families throughout the day and evening. Every student that enrolls in our virtual school also receives a new Chromebook to use throughout their education in Bangor Township Schools.

If you are looking for an established, proven, and excellent virtual school for your child's online education, then Bangor Township Virtual School is for you. You will not find another offering in the area that makes your child's learning and educational experience as personal as we do. Give us a call today for a personal meeting.


With hundreds of K-12 online courses - we lead the way in online learning. In addition to our extensive course catalog we have numerous community partnerships. Students can participate in horsemanship, martial arts, and even get hands on with art; photography and studio. Students also have the opportunity to participate in 13 different field trips, numerous clubs, and school dances such as prom. Our students are also recognized at our district graduation ceremony at John Glenn High School every year with our other graduating seniors.

The opportunities do not stop there. Students can also enroll in our local Career Center, work a job and be part of our work based learning program, and for those students who want to get a jump start on college we now have an Early Middle College program (EMC). Our EMC allows students to work toward an associate’s degree while in high school, and the best part is it is tuition free – as the district will pay for everything.

Click  HERE for a complete list of our course offerings for grades 6-12.


Our drop-in center provides other resources for our students and families. Whether students need access to a computer, internet, or on-site teachers for extra help, our drop-in center has it. The best part is that it is located in a central point in our district and
township. The center serves as a location for students to occasionally stop in for support in academics, as well as a quiet place to work or socialize. We have students who occasionally drop-in for extra help, and we have students who make it their school everyday of the week. If a student comes for the day we do offer breakfast and lunch, as well as an opportunity for them to interact with other students.

Our drop-in center also serves our community by offering community classes for our citizens, as well as standardized testing preparation courses. As a multi-purpose building, our drop-in center serves as another way to meet the needs of our students, families, and our community.

BTVS is located in the Northpointe Plaza on the corner of Wilder and Euclid in Bay City, MI. It is in the old Kmart Plaza right by Staples.

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