These are the basic elements that all online students need in order to be successful in an online envirnment.

Consistent and Dependable Internet Access: (Preferably a Wi-Fi connection) Your internet service should be dependable. You don’t want it to malfunction halfway through a lesson or an exam.

Computer or Chromebook: (Not a tablet or cellphone) Your computer should have available memory, and your software should be updated regularly. Tablet and Cellphones are not adequate tools to use for online classes.

Technology Supplies:  Access to a printer, scanner, webcam, headphone set, or microphone. You may need to download programs, worksheets, etc. There will also be times that you use a headset, webcam, and microphone to talk to your teachers online. Check each of your syllabi to confirm the computer equipment you need for the course. Reach out to the teacher if you have questions.

Basic School Supplies:  You may be required to purchase basic office supplies (paper, pencils, etc.), art supplies, etc. depending on your courses.

Quiet Work Space: Online learning need a distraction free environment. Often siblings, pets, and more can interfere with the learning of an online student. The environment also needs to resemble a classroom. Sitting on soft surfaces, such as couches and beds, has the potential to make a learner lethargic, and less likely to succeed.