"I love my horse class." - Student

"My favorite thing about BTVS is that I can go my own pace, there are still social activities in this school that are in a traditional school, and it is a cool that I can work at home and still go to the drop in center too." - Student

"I love the field trips and interactions. It doesn't seem like a school. Everyone is much closer." - High School Student

"My son, along with his dad and I are very happy with BTVS. He admires Mr. Albrecht a great deal." - High School Parent

"With the short time since  my daughter started Virtual, I feel she has been treated with respect and equal to the other kids. She feels safe at school. I like the communication and weekly updates along with being able to login and see my child's daily progress. My daughter loves that she can take Spanish class that was not offered in previous school. Everything has been great!" - Elementary Parent

"BTVS helped when no one else could. I like how they have reached out into the community and added classes from the community." - Middle School Parent

"I like being home with my kids, and watching them learn in a safe comfortable environmental (home)!" - High School Parent

"BTVS gives students like me who face social problems a chance to make up for their failures in past school years, and allow them to be successful despite those issues." - High School Student

I don't have to worry about peer pressure or bullying for my student at BTVS!" - Middle School Parent

"I love that BTVS offers more than my daughter's previous elementary school!" - Elementary Parent

"I absolutely love everything about BTVS. I have no complaints! The teachers are helpful, and I know that I will always be treated with respect and kindness. I'm actually learning here!" - Middle School Student

"I like the drop in center. It gives you the structure of a real school. You may do better with online classes, but to be successful you need to have structure of a regular school. Others, including myself, thrive in online school but cannot do it at home because of how easily distracting it is & how easy it is to keep putting it off." - High School Student

"My son is able to work ahead. He started his senior year with only sophomore credits. Now, he will be graduating on time." - High School Parent

"I like that bullying isn't something that happens here at BTVS!" - Middle School Student

"My experience with the Bangor Township Virtual School has been absolutely amazing. In short, my son suffers from an anxiety disorder that prevents him from attending school. Having the option of online schooling was exactly what we needed for him to be successful.

His disorder makes it difficult for him to be in a large class, difficult for him to raise his hand and ask questions, difficult to focus and difficult to sit for the length of a traditional middle school class. He also needs frequent breaks to decompress after focusing for a length of time.

With BTVS all of these challenges could be dealt with by simply allowing my son to work at his own pace, in his own time frame and in whatever location he felt comfortable. He could ask questions via email, Live Lesson rooms or Live Tutors. He also had me and my husband available for questions and help on assignments.

My son's day begins around 10am. He usually works for about 5 hours in total with breaks between each class. He often works at our kitchen counter or table and in the early fall and summer, he works outside on our back porch. There were days when he just didn’t feel like school work, or where he wanted to spend a day with a grandparent. He was able to take days off and make them up on the weekend. This kind of flexibility is exactly what he needs to be successful.

A disadvantage that my son is feeling now is the lack of social interaction. He does miss seeing friends each day. It is my understanding that BTVS will be offering certain clubs and groups to the kids next fall and we are looking forward to seeing what’s available and hopefully meeting some new friends.

Without BTVS, my son would likely need to be homeschooled. We are very thankful for the staff of BTVS and that this opportunity was extended to us."

-Parent of an 8th Grade Virtual Student