Coin Stalls Fundraiser

Please help us in our Spirit week Fundraiser as we support the Food Bank Of Eastern MI.


The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is here to assist its agencies in 22 counties to feed the hungry in their neighborhoods, including Bay. Agencies consist of neighborhood food pantries, shelters, children’s feeding programs, and more. We take in large amounts of food donated from retail stores, farms, food drives, and we also buy food at extremely low cost, and then distribute it to our 700 partners throughout eastern Michigan. For example, a local pantry would not be interested in bringing in a semi-truck full of cabbage and figuring it out how to give it all away, but we can ship that out in refrigerated trucks and drop it off to pantries in more manageable amounts, fit for the families they serve.  

Scoring: Every pound you donated equals 1 pound. (1 can of food is generally 1 pound) Every $1 you donate equals 9 pounds, which is a reference to our buying and leveraging power as a Food Bank. You can see how the monetary donations really rack up the “points”! Ex:


50 students donate 5 cans each: 50 x 5 = 250 pounds

50 students donate $1 each: 50 x 9 = 450 pounds