Hello Everyone,

Before I get started please let me state that what you are about to read is in no way intended to replace a commencement ceremony. We as a district are fully committed to having a commencement ceremony in person as soon as it is safe to do so. 

However, we have numerous students that need their diploma to show completion of their high school graduation in order to begin working full time and some need it for their enlistment in the military, and others may want to display them at their graduation parties as well. Since our students are officially John Glenn graduates on May 29th, we want to get their diplomas in their hands as soon as possible, along with any other award certificates, etc. Knowing that we still want something to hand them at a commencement ceremony, we will hold on to their official John Glenn diploma cover until that time. 

Therefore, what we are planning on doing is having a John Glenn staff member deliver these materials to your house on Friday, May 29th, or Saturday, May 30th (if neither of these dates work we will be able to set up an alternate day and time). Starting tomorrow and over the next few days you will be contacted by a John Glenn staff member to set up a time that works best for you and your family. Then on the day and time we will bring the diploma and awards to you!

We know this is not what we wanted, or hoped for, or envisioned at the start of all of this. However, just sending these materials, or having them available to pick up seems so impersonal and it is not what these amazing students deserve. The way we had to end the year was hard, and we did not have the chance to celebrate successes, or even say goodbye. As hard as this was on our students and families, it was really hard on our staff as well. This will be a small way of celebrating and displaying how proud we are of all of you, while we wait to have our big celebration later on down the road. Please make sure to take pictures of the drop off (while staying socially distant of course) and please send them to Mrs. Taylor at TaylorJ@bangorschools.org so we can make sure that we get it in our Yearbook!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at mcpeakd@bangorschools.org. We hope all of you are well and we are looking forward to celebrating your success!