Spirit Week

Hello BTVS Families,

The BTVS Spirit Week is going to be April 19th through the 23rd.  Here is the list of daily events that students can participate.  Students can pick days and activities that they want to participate.  Participate in all days, and participate in all activities if you want!  Just have fun!  For every activity that you participate, we will enter your name in a drawing to win a Bobcat cup donated by the JGHS athletic department and 5 star nails, a paw print draw string back pack donated by Mrs. Mika, or other prizes that are to be announced!  To enter, just leave a comment and picture of you on our Facebook page under each day’s Spirit Day Post.  You can find us at @BangorTownshipVirtualSchool.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you can send your Spirit Day submissions to the link below.

Monday: http://bit.ly/419Monday

Tuesday: http://bit.ly/420Tuesday

Wednesday: http://bit.ly/421Wednesday

Thursday: http://bit.ly/422Thursday

Friday: http://bit.ly/432Friday