In the spring of 2014, Bangor Township Schools became the first school district in Michigan to install the SAFE Solution. The SAFE system is a leading edge classroom technology tool that provides audio, assessment and security tools to teachers and students.

As part of the solution, all teachers wear microphones on lanyards around their necks. Each classroom has speakers installed so students are able to effectively hear their instructor from anywhere in the classroom. There is also a teacher-controlled 360 degree view camera installed in each classroom. Teachers can turn the camera on to record whenever they choose, as well as schedule recording times.

With cameras in the classroom, absent students can stay caught up from home. Some of the ways Bangor Township Schools plans to use the cameras include:

  • Lesson sharing between teachers
  • Distance learning
  • Flipped classrooms

Along with improvements in class instruction, safety and security are another issue that the SAFE system can solve. For safety purposes, if an issue arises in the classroom and the teacher needs to alert others, there is a button on the microphone that the teacher can press that sends an email alert to other administrators in the school. Administrators can then see live video footage of that particular classroom as well as an interactive map which shows precisely where the issue is occurring.

Using the SAFE system cuts the response time down immensely in the case of an emergency. SPI Innovations and their security partner, Total Security Solutions Group, are working with Bangor Township Schools for lock down procedures, with local law enforcement for disaster planning, and training tactics for security purposes. TSSG is a group of Michigan State Police officers, US Secret Service agents, and other law enforcement individuals that have over 50 years of experience in security and safety training. They, along with SPI and Bangor Township Schools, are working to develop a ‘best-in-class’ solution for instruction and safety in schools.

With Bangor Township's SAFE solution, you can rest assured every student and teacher will be safe.

Additional Information about the SAFE System.